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Based in West Devon

Founded in 2022

" West Devon's answer to the Whit Friday Marches, but without the marching, free transport around the venues & a jolly good Massed Band at the end!" - Tim Williams



* July 2024: MERCH News- T shirts

Sadly we are dangerously low or have run out of 2XL, 3XL & 4XL sizes of our 2024 edition T shirts. Apologies in advance if this affects your order. A backorder system will be set up shortly but for now if you can use the contact form to message us with your name, size, qty, address & email that would really help.   (Backorders will hopefully be delivered approx in the next 3 weeks). 

* July 2024: The Geneva Instruments People's Choice - Online voting

So we are trialling a new & fairer way to vote for your favourite Brass Band on Bandamonium Day. So on 27th July, after you've listened to some amazing music you can scan (or click on) the QR code here and vote for your absolute fave. They will get a special Geneva trophy and recognition for their fantastic performance.   

unnamed (3)_edited.jpg

* July 2024: New Merch!

We're hoping Mr W has stopped his new merch ideas but this one slipped in at the last moment- the Bandamonium Bucket Hat! Available from the festival stall/mobile merch car with tracking (yep there will be such a thing!) 

bucket hat buff.png
bucket hat blk.png

* June 2024: New Merch!

Proving that Tea Towels aren't just for Christmas, we are now selling our completely bespoke artsy ones. A lovely way to remember Bandamonium Saturday, when you're doing the washing up!

bandamonium t towels.jpg

* May 2024: Don't forget to to enter our Prize Draw!

This year, instead of boring old tickets, we are selling individually numbered wristbands @ £5 each (plus postage) and you automatically get one free with each T-shirt purchase.

Prize Draw prizes to be shown on the website when finalised (there are going to be some cracking band related prizes btw), winning numbers to also be shown on here, facebook and anywhere else we can post.

wristband swss_edited_edited_edited_edit

* June 2024: The Festival Warm up Band:

We can now announce the The Brass Holes Brass Band will be kicking off the Bandamonium Festival in style. Come along to Hatherleigh Market Square Friday 26th July c8pm to experience a warm up like no other!


* May 2024: The official Poster is out!

It's a bit like the beginning of Xmas season here at Bandamonium HQ, with designing ramping up a gear.

Next, it's the individual band announcing flags to sew- that will keep Mrs W occupied for a week or so! 

* May 2024: Official Bandamonium Hoodies have started arriving!

Our official hoodies have started to appear- we are having them printed professionally in the village ( They do look rather special! Please allow for a 3 week leadtime when placing a hoodie order in the merch store. Promise the wait will be worth it!

* May 2024: 4barsrest

We've had a mention on that must make it official surely!


* FEB 2024: Competition Reminder!   

So, this soggy weather is ideal for hunkering down in your study, manuscript paper & quill at hand to create a masterpiece for us to play at Bandamonium3. You have until 17th April folks!  Forward to all friends, family, acquaintances - if you win you'll pocket £500, if not the band has another march to play and no moans & groans when Slaidburn comes out of the folder!

* MAR 2024: Bandamonium Barbarians are off to The Whit Friday Marches!   

Everyone is welcome... err well we have a 49 seat coach to fill. Friday 24th May is the event day. Please see our facebook post document for more info- click here


* APR 2024: Bandamonium T-shirts have arrived!

We've opened our store now so you can view and buy the new Bandamonium3

t-shirts. We will soon be adding our new very posh hoodies too- previews are available in the online store :-) 

* Jan 2024:   Happy New Year!!!!

We are proud to announce more bands joining the line up for Bandamonium3. 

City of Bath Brass Band & Pendennis Brass are returning to add flair & fun to the proceedings. It's hotting up folks!

* Dec 2023:

We wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Successful Banding New Year 2024! 

* Dec 2023: Super Exciting News!
We have just heard that Geneva Instruments are to be the official main sponsors for Bandamonium3 next year!

Joint news statement to follow- watch this space!

* Dec 2023: Bandamonium3- Another 2 bands sign up

Lovely to see Bay Brass return for another season- and we are all secretly hoping for the return of their adorable assistant Musical Director- Arthur, too.

& we welcome the newly formed Hampshire Harlequins (not a rugby team but a fine scratch band) to join us next year. Details of both bands in the line up page for your perusal.

brass band England

– Brass Bands England, OCT 2023

Winner 2023


*Oct 2023 : We only gone and won it!

bandamonium hoodie frnt down.png
bandamonium hoodiezip frnt down.png


the 2024 EDITION


teatowel 1_edited.jpg
teatowel 2.jpg



wristband swss.jpg
bucket hat blk.png
bucket hat buff.png



bbe half page masterv2.tif

More details to come, watch this space!


       Bandamonium3 July 2023

The Massed Band Bandamonium2  July 2023


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